Well … it looks like we are getting slowly back to business in the new normal, and therefore we thought it timely to give you an update on the RSA and some changes we need to make as a result of Covid-19 and doing business under level 2.

Reopening: The Matamata RSA will reopen on Thursday 21st May from 4.00pm.

Our new hours at this stage are:
Mon-Fri 4pm opening
Sat-Sun 3pm opening

Alert level 2 – as directed by the government there are some operational changes we need to make in order to ensure we are complying with all the rules.
This includes: spacing, seating, server requirements, contact tracing, limiting the numbers and limiting groups to a maximum of 10 people.

Essentially, these are:
# Everyone MUST enter through the main front entry
# Everyone MUST be registered in the book
# Members only at this stage, and you MUST present your card on entry.
# You will then be directed to your a table for the evening – and you MUST remain seated.
# There will be NO service at the bar, no self-service from the coffee station and no ordering at the Bistro till!
# You will be designated a server for the evening who will take your food & drink orders and deliver these to your table. We will have a mobile Eftpos terminal to take payment at the table. We do prefer that you don’t use cash unless you really have no other choice!
# You may obviously stand up to use the ablutions – in fact, we hope you do! But please ensure there is no-one waiting before heading to the little room … if there is, please wait at your table rather than forming a long queue. Gentlemen : we know you love to share stories at the urinal under normal circumstances, but please refrain from doing so at this stage of the game.
# Please ensure personal hygiene by availing yourselves of the additional hand sanitiser station beside the coffee station.

VIP: There is to be no playing of 8-ball at present …. we are awaiting further clarification on this as our “sports” venue is within the “restaurant” area.
# For the same reason, we cannot partake in Darts until further notice.

At this stage, all raffles including Plumbco, Slotto and Elusive Joker are on hold and will resume again in the near future, hopefully.

# The smokers area may still be utilised. Those preferring to remain outdoors in the cooler evenings MUST still register at the main entry. A server will take orders at the smoker’s exit door and your orders will be delivered back to the same place. Those seated outside may return inside for ablution use, but must return outside immediately thereafter – no lingering to chat!

We have been thoroughly cleaning both inside and out during the lockdown. A working bee has water blasted the exterior, we’ve had the windows cleaned inside and out, we’ve steam cleaned the carpets. The floors are being sanitised, the kitchen is being given a thorough spring clean from one end to the other, as is the bar area – every surface will be hygienically cleansed.

We will also be adhering to far more stringent cleaning measures going forward to ensure everyone’s well-being to the very best of our ability.

We are working within the government guidelines as per Level 2, but ultimately these new rules & changes may slow service.

VIP: Be aware that these rules are also subject to change at any time!

It is fair to say that things will feel and look different for a while, but we think it is worth all the changes and strategies in order to re-open and welcome you all back.

It is also fair to say that it might be a good idea to give the office a call and BOOK your tables, especially for Thursday and Friday nights…. remember that we are limited to 100 people at present … and groups of no larger than 10 people.

VIP IMPORTANT : PLEASE don’t come if you are feeling unwell. Stay home for everyone’s sake.

Menu – We are in the throes of reviving our menu, with an eye on the cooler weather … and we can’t wait for you to sample the new offerings on your next visit.

Cheers for now
Ross Campbell (President)

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