Diary Dates – March 2020

  • 9th – Monday – Single 8 Ball Starts
  • 9th – Monday – Rock n Roll Club meeting
  • 12th – Thursday – Easter Raffle on Sale
  • 13th – Friday – Nominations for Committee Close
  • 13th – Friday – RSA vs NW 8 Ball
  • 17th – Tuesday – St Patrick’s Day – go green!
  • 21st – Saturday – Car Boot Sale – book at office
  • 22nd – Sunday – Kidz Club Launch
  • 22nd – Sunday – Junior 8 Ball Championships
  • 28th – Saturday – AGM 3pm
  • 29th – Sunday – Roast – Book at bar please
  • 29th – Sunday – RSA vs Te Awamutu RSA – doors open 9.30am

Killer Pool every Sunday

Names in by 3:45pm. Play starts at 4:00pm. $5 per person. Winner takes all.

RafflesRaffle tickets on sale from 5pm on raffle nights. Draws take place from 6.30pm.

  • Tuesday – Fresh fish (weather permitting) or meat packs and hot roast chickens.
  • Thursday –Meat packs
  • Friday – Meat packs


  • Tuesday – Lucky Number Draw after the raffles
  • Thursday – Club Membership Draw after the raffles
  • Friday – Elusive Joker. Drawn between 7-7.15pm. Tickets on sale from 5pm. $1 a ticket – you must be over 18 and you must be present. Jackpots by $100 each week if not won!
Nominations for committee close on Friday 13 March at 5:00 pmAGM: Saturday 28 March at 3:00 pm

Housie at 6:30 pm every 2nd, 3rd & 4th Wednesday.

Super Housie  – Purchase price for a house will remain the same. One house will be nominated by the lucky number winner on the night, and that house will be worth $100.00!

New Outside Plans

The Committee is looking at sprucing the outside of the building including putting in a garden/seating area. Concept plans are up at the RSA. We will be going to local businesses seeking sponsorship/support to fund this project. Any questions please talk to Gary or Gayle Dickson

New Staff

  • Please make Keiron welcome at the bar.
  • With Tricia’s departure, Gayle will be assisting with admin duties. If you have any queries, please email or phone the office.

Sponsor for the Thursday night Members’ Draw for March is:

With My Challenge you can donate your fuel discount to local Community Groups your local Challenge store supports.  You also earn 1 point for every $1 you spend, which you can redeem for rewards in store, or share them. This March we’re giving an extra $500 boost to five My Challenge Community Groups with the most generous supporters.
118 Broadway, Matamata    /      T: 07 888 8116Actio

***The membership subscriptions for 2020 are now overdue.
You must be a financial member to attend the AGM on
March 28 2020.


Do you have some spare time, love talking to people, would you like to help?
We are looking for a group of people who would like to be part of a team who can visit members who are not well or who need some assistance.

Please leave your name at the bar or office for us to pass onto Tricia.

Keep Smiling
Bar Excuse Joke

Harry was sick and tired of being constantly badgered by his wife Barbara for spending so much time at the bar. Hoping it would help matters, Harry invited Barbara along with him. “So what would you like?” Harry cordially asked, as she took her seat next to him. “Oh I don’t know” Barbara replied, “I guess I’ll take the same thing as you.” “OK” said Harry to the bartender, “we’ll take two Johnny Walker’s on the rocks!” Barbara barely took a sip of the drink before she started gagging “Oh my gosh! Get me a cup of water! This stuff is horrible! How do you drink this garbage?” “See?” said Harry “and you think I come here just to have a good time?!“

See you at the Club!

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