As a responsible Club with many older members, we take our responsibility seriously.
To this effect, given the raising of our Alerts under Coronavirus to Level 3, we have today CLOSED THE CLUB until further notice.
AGM : Unfortunately, in light of the restrictions on Clubs and gatherings, the AGM will now be postponed indefinitely, until further notice.
ASSISTANCE: Please note that we will endeavour to assist those who need additional support during this period. Please do not hesitate to contact Gayle should you have a need for assistance with shopping, pharmacy collections or health visits … until such time as we hit Level 4 when this service will be re-assessed in line with Government restrictions.
VOLUNTEERS: If you are able to offer assistance with regards shopping,  etc as above, please email Gayle to note your name on our list.
Gayle Dickson
Secretary/Manager Matamata RSA
5 Ngaio St, Matamata, 3400
T: 07 – 888 7190 / 021 281 7699
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